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SP 5 Fairtex Benskydd- Röd

SP 5 Fairtex Benskydd- Röd
SP 5 Fairtex Benskydd- Röd SP 5 Fairtex Benskydd- Röd
Tillverkare: Fairtex SP 5 Fairtex Benskydd- Röd
Tillgänglighet: I lager
Pris: 799.00kr

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SP 5 Fairtex Benskydd- Röd


Lätta och mycket komfortabla benskydd.

Tillverkade i Thailand av konstskinn.



  Smalben längd Fot Längd Vikt (Par)
Small 35.5 cm 15.5 cm 1.05kg
Medium 39 cm 16 cm 1.05 kg
Large 40 cm 16.5 cm 1.05 kg
XL 42.5 cm 17.5 cm 1.05 kg



Featuring Fairtex stitching-free or open system between shin protector and foot protector to avoid the press of stitching on your foot that cause injuries and uncomfort.

No metal loop, allowed by major events to used in amateur competition.

Constructed of Fairtex durable Syntek Leather with double layers of high impact foam core.

Design to attach to your shin as much as possible for natural feel with extended side and top protection.

Soft piping on turn-up foot protector to avoid irritation to your feet.

Double “F” silk screen to differentiate left and right side, prevent confusion when used.

Durable cotton stretch jean lining to prevent slipping.

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